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HRHS AP Honor Roll School for 2014!

about 1 month ago

Congratulations! For the second year in a row, Hampshire Regional High School has been named an AP Honor Roll School!  Only 547 schools across the United States and Canada are given this honor (there are over 300 districts in Massachusetts, to provide some perspective!).


Inclusion on the 5th Annual AP District Honor Roll is based on the examination of three years of AP data, from 2012 to 2014, for the following criteria.

  • Increased participation/access to AP by at least 4 percent in large districts, at least 6 percent in medium districts, and at least 11 percent in small districts;

  • Increased or maintained the percentage of exams taken by African American, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian/Alaska Native students, and;

  • Improved performance levels when comparing the percentage of students in 2014 scoring a 3 or higher to those in 2012, unless the district has already attained a performance level at which more than 70 percent of its AP students are scoring a 3 or higher.

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