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General Info
A hot lunch, including milk is served in the cafeteria at a cost of $3.50. Students are expected to keep all food in the cafeteria, properly dispose of trash, return trays and utensils and remain in designated areas during lunch.

Salad Bar/Deli Bar/Sandwich Bar is offered DAILY. Students have a choice of 12 toppers to add to their romaine salad.

An additional lunch is offered daily, which is also served with romaine salad with a free trip to topper bar.

Breakfast is available until warning bell @ 7:40 a.m.

Multiple whole grain Items, fresh fruit, juice and milk are for sale for .50 cents each.

Free lunch students are entitled to a free complete breakfast, which Includes milk, fruit and an entree item.

Reduced lunch eligible students are entitled to the complete breakfast for .25 cents.

Also for sale in the morning are snack foods, which all comply with the Federal Regulations. These Items can go with for your lunch or for snack time.