Clubs & Activities

Academic Society- Mrs. Belanger

As Schools Match Wits- Mr. Casey

Band- Ms. Ingraham

Chess Club- Mr. Sniffen

Chorus- Mr. Linden

Class of 2022- Ms. Keane, Ms. Adamski

Class of 2023- Ms. Cloutier, Ms. Parent

Class of 2024- Mr. Letendre, Ms. Pinkham

Class of 2025- Ms. JM, Ms. Zazzaro-Williams

eSports Club- Mr. Letendre

Musical- Myka Plunkett

Insingeraiders- Mr. Linden

Drama Company- Mr. Braidman

Junior Achievement- Ms. Aitken

Middle School Drama- Nicole Tripp

Environmental Club- Mr. Bryant

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)- Ms. Krems and Ms. Holmes,

Peer Mentoring- Ms. Mailhott-Foster gmailhottfoster@hr-, Mr. Potorski

SADD- Mrs. Jablonski

Strategic Gaming- Mr. Letendre

Student Council, High School- Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Carpenter

Student Council, Middle School-


World Cultures Club- Ms. Buckley

Yearbook (Cinquefoil)- Mrs. Sullivan

2021-22 Yearbook

Click here for information about purchasing a 2021-2022 yearbook! (coming soon)

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

The GSA is a club in our school that works to support all LGBTQ students and to make the school safe for everyone. Anyone can join and we would be happy to have you! If you are interested in joining, please contact Ms. Holmes (