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About the department

At Hampshire, the Student Support Department is dedicated to providing an array of resources and strategies to promote the academic and personal growth of students. The department is staffed by teachers who offer a range of services to support students' needs. The work done by the teachers in the department is multifaceted and designed to meet the unique needs of each student.

Kristen Picard, Paula Czarniecki, Kristin Brouillette, and Ellen Doyle teach the Academic Strategies courses at the high school and middle school levels. In the high school courses, students work on self-identified Q3 academic goals, such as expanding note taking techniques and trying new test prep strategies. Some seniors and juniors pursue informational offerings about transition from high school, including readiness for the workforce, soft skills, career interests, college comparisons, and time management for adults. Meanwhile, middle school students have been working on "making a plan" with Ms. Picard, identifying missing assignments or grades and taking steps to improve their grades through teacher assistance and independent work.

The Transitional Intervention Program (TIP), led by Ryan McCarthy, has expanded this year to provide support to students with unique academic and social needs. The program involves extensive collaboration with content area teachers to ensure students receive the instruction and support necessary to be successful in their classes.

Ellen Doyle is the school's ELL teacher, providing English Learners with instruction in the language of Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Mathematics. Her lessons involve reading novels, graphic stories, and essays exploring equity, social justice, and human rights; researching the lives of famous people and crafting their biographies as Instagram pages; making and presenting posters about holidays that are outside of students' home cultures; and studying characterization through the ghosts in Jason Reynolds' novel in verse, Long Way Down. HRHS students speak Arabic, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Bisayan, Turkish, and Tagalog!

Andrea Belanger is the program leader for the department, and the HRHS library director. She also teaches the AP Seminar and Research courses, as well as Broadcast Journalism, and Information Literacy. The HRHS Library provides access to a wide range of resources, including books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and online databases, and is open before, during, and after school to students and teachers. The library's resources are used daily by students and teachers to research and prepare assignments, and new resources are added to keep a balance between physical and online resources.

Overall, the Student Support Department is an integral part of the Hampshire community, creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters academic and personal growth. By offering a variety of resources and services, the department helps students overcome obstacles, develop resilience, and achieve their goals.