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7th Grade TEAM Greylock
7th Grade TEAM Greylock
Teacher Contact Information

Social Studies: Tracey Pinkham, Team Leader,
Math: Stacy Camp (formerly Benham),
English: Paula Czarniecki,
Science: Jon Letendre,
Guided Academics, ELA, Math: Bill Randolph,
Reading: Gail Mailhott-Foster,
French: Grey Reynolds,
Spanish: Susannah Branch,

Teacher Help Days
Monday: Mrs. Czarniecki, Mr. Randolph, Ms. Mailhott-Foster
Wednesday: Mrs. Camp
Thursday: Mr. Letendre, Mrs. Pinkham

Please be aware that teacher phones do not ring in classrooms during the school day hours. This allows for uninterrupted learning time. When contacting classrooms during the school day, email is the preferred method. Otherwise, for immediate assistance please contact the Main Office.

Welcome to Team Greylock

Geo/World Civ. Resources

4 days ago

The resources on this site are meant to help students  and families if a student is absent or needs to review information from class.  Copies of worksheets, notes etc. will be provided here, however it may not have EVERYTHING we cover in class, just the key components.  Additionally, students are responsible for their work, and should not depend on this site for last minute attempts to get work done.  It is intended to SUPPLEMENT what students have completed, or need to review.  

Notes for Location Factors

Class notes template Friday Oct. 4thInkarnate project checklist - all classes due on Wed. even if drop class.Inkarnate Map ProjectSept. 26th classworkImportant packet of Key Vocabulary - Physical Features - Sept. 24